Hand Block Printed


Hand block printing is a centuries-old Indian art form that utilizes a hand-carved teak wood block that is dipped in dye and stamped by hand on to cotton or silk.

The design for the block is usually a traditional Indian motif. The motif is traced on to a block by a master craftsman who then chips away at the block to create a stamp.

The printing process begins by pre-washing the fabrics in the river in order to reduce water consumption. The fabric is then dyed, laid flat on a table and fixed firmly to the table with pins. Four to five basic natural colors are used and then mixed together to form a multitude of colors. The block is then dipped in the dye and stamped firmly by hand onto the fabric. Finally, the fabric is rinsed in the river and hung to dry in the sun, minimizing energy consumption.

Good printing requires skill and practice in order to create uniform and clear block-printing patterns. Small variations in the printing add to the unique charm of these handmade fabrics.


The word Kalamkari comes from the Persian ‘Kalam-kari’ meaning ‘drawing with pen’ which existed since centuries but is rarely practiced today.Kalamkari was adopted by the hand block printing communities and the intricate designs in floral, geometric motifs are now carved on wooden blocks and hand block printed on fabrics in vegetable dyes.

Bagh Print

Bagh Print is traditional Hand Block Print with natural colours an Indian Handicraft practised in Bagh, Madhya Pradesh, India. Derive its name from the village Bagh. Bagh Print fabric with geometric and floral compositions motifs is famous Textile printing from Madhya Pradesh. Cotton & Silk cloth is treated in a traditional mixture of Corrosion of Iron, Alum and Alizarin. Traditional designs are filled by hand by highly skilled craftsman. The finished cloth is washed in flowing river water and sun dried for a perfect finish. The design repertoires of Bagh Print cove geometrical and floral compositions in predominant red and black colour.

The Process

Exclusive hand made products that are characterized by eye-catching geometrical patterns and are known for their extensively intricate and elaborate hand work done with great finesse.

Along with the artistry of weavers, our products demonstrates the richness and diversity of Indian culture.

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