About Us

VINIYOG the Brand

We believe that traditional textiles and crafts are a testimony of a country’s vast culture and heritage. With this belief we have taken it upon us to redefine traditional arts and crafts through our brand VINIYOG. Now what is redefining? It is nothing but presenting our products in innovative designs inspired by the traditional, cultural and contemporary techniques of various regions and artisans under eco-friendly conditions, thus enhancing the beauty of the final product.


VINIYOG is a brand that manufactures home textiles, clothing and accessories in finest quality of authentic cotton and silk fabrics which are either hand woven, handcrafted from different traditional textile areas or use an element of either of these crafts. We want to market the vast and diverse global craft traditions and thereby help fulfill the need to provide and sustain employment. This endeavour has directly connected us to the weavers, block printers and other craftsmen to produce something original and cherish able. Each product has a story to tell of its own.

The fabrics used for making our products are produced using various traditional methods of weaving, dyeing and printing (both hand block and hand screen printing). These artisans are directly or indirectly dependent on the weather conditions prevailing in their areas and so the craft evolves quite slowly. The variations in physical, climatic conditions and the extent of exposure to other cultures have greatly influenced the traditions and culture of the different regions since generations. The specialty in each region developed based on the geographical location, climatic conditions, cultural influences,etc. This reflects in the crafts and craftsmanship of that region which is expressed in the form of fabric weaving, printing, embroidery and various handicrafts.

As recognition of our sincere efforts we have been given Handloom mark and Silk mark by the Govt. of India. We are thus authorised to attach these mark-tags to our products to prove their originality.

Handloom  Mark

The Office of the Development Commissioner for Handlooms, Government of India has been implementing a number of developmental schemes and programmes to protect the interest and welfare of the weavers. It is proposed to introduce the “Handloom Mark” which will provide a collective identity to the handloom products and can be used not only for popularizing the hand woven products but can also serve as a guarantee for the buyer that the product being purchased is genuinely hand woven. Besides, this would provide a distinctive name in identifying the product or the manufacturer. The Handloom Mark would, therefore, be a hallmark of powerful creative work that defines the product with clarity, distinguishing it from competition and connecting it with customers.

Silk Mark – A Quality Assurance label

Silk Mark is being promoted by Silk Mark Organisation of India (SMOI), a registered society under Karnataka Society Act 1960. SMOI is an initiative of Central Silk Board, Ministry of Textiles and Government of India. Silk Mark is used to help identify Silk – the Pure Silk!

 Objectives of Silk Mark

Protect the interests of the consumer.

Protect the interest of genuine traders and manufacturers of Silk

Generic Promotion of Natural Silk

Silk Mark is a quality assurance label which signifies that a product which it is affixed to contains 100% pure silk in its base fabric. Silk Mark is a Trademark, registered under Trade Mark Registration Authority, to be used by Authorised users only. A detailed and stringent Quality Assurance system has been evolved and implemented for maintaining the credibility of Silk Mark.

Exclusive hand made products that are characterized by eye-catching geometrical patterns and are known for their extensively intricate and elaborate hand work done with great finesse.

Along with the artistry of weavers, our products demonstrates the richness and diversity of Indian culture.